Friday, July 15

The Way I "T" It


Treasure Troves

Thirty Plus pounds lost

Friday, May 8

The Way I "G" It

Gags that result in Guffaws
Gift of Gab (I think my daughter kissed the blarney stone)
galactophagist (milk drinker - learned that @

Wednesday, March 18

The Way I "A" It

Awe inspiring sun-rises, sun-sets, and moon-rises.

Agreeable customers

Articles about making weight loss “easier”

Thursday, March 12

The Way I "L" It


Light of Day – looking forward to some sunshine

Low calorie fo0ds that taste good –
Quakes mini-rice cakes cheddar cheese – 9 mini cakes – 70 cal


Friday, February 13

The Way I "N" It

Nice hugs
            This morning when I was leaving for work, my daughter decided she NEEDED to give me 3 or 4 goodbye hugs
            A lot of times, we have to twist her arm to give me a hug goodbye cause she’s just not awake enough to be out of her mood

Nights, full of sleep
            I have had trouble sleeping the night through
            of course it might help if I tried to stay up past my 3 year old’s bed time

New things to learn

Tuesday, February 3

The Way I "T" It


Time off the phone

            There have been quite a few lately
            “Baby brothers like to be boys – Baby Sisters like to be boys or girls”

Tuesday, January 27

The Way I "L" It


Light (I like winter, but not gray skies)

LOMA Study time
            not that LOMA’s are all that interesting, but it is time off the phone

Monday, January 26

The Way I "M" It

Marvelous Moms

Magnificent Mondays

Members of Credit Unions and my Credit Union Membership
            although they can frustrate me some days, my world would be very bad without them

Thursday, January 22

The Way I "M" It

Majestic fog?
So this morning on the way to work, it was a little foggy.
About 4 miles of visibility.
The fog basicly made the horizon fuzzy.
This blurred the sunrise and was quite a beautiful effect.

Marshmallow Cream
(here is the food element – no wonder weight loss is difficult)

Marble Rollers


Wednesday, January 21

The Way I "R" It

Ravioli & Rigatoni
you know I had to put food in here

Responsible people
that admit their mistakes instead of blaming others
especially on the phone at work

Red Valentine’s clothes
a cute little outfit that my sister got for my daughter

Tuesday, January 20

The Way I "Z" It

Did you know that the letter is picked at “Random” by an Excel spreadsheet?  No, I am not crazy enough to pick Z on my own, but it has been fun trying to come up with words.  In my search, I found this and thought it was interesting.

Z\ (z[=e]; in England commonly, and in America sometimes, z[e^]d; formerly, also, [i^]z"z[e^]rd) Z, the twenty-sixth and last letter of the English alphabet, is a vocal consonant. It is taken from the Latin letter Z, which came from the Greek alphabet, this having it from a Semitic source. The ultimate origin is probably Egyptian. Etymologically, it is most closely related to s, y, and j; as in glass, glaze; E. yoke, Gr. ?, L. yugum; E. zealous, jealous. See Guide to Pronunciation, [sect][sect] 273, 274.

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, © 1996, 1998 MICRA, Inc.
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some call them razzberries – making silly noises with your mouth on a baby/child’s tummy)

6 of them behind a non-zero and a dollar sign handed to me would be nice
I would even settle for 1 of them
But have you ever wondered what life would be like without 0’s?

Monday, January 19

The Way I "K" It

I have been away from this practice too long.

Kite-flying weather (cause it is usually warmer and sunnier than right now)

Tuesday, January 6

The Way I "O" It

Overtime Pay
Opportunities to improve

Monday, January 5

The Way I "H" It?

Happy Birthday wishes (I received many this year)

Heat waves (it may seem cold here, but in North Dakota it has just warmed up to 20 below 0)

Hot Salsa to jazz up my salad

Wednesday, December 31

The Way I "Y" It

In case you want to post, today’s letter is Y.

However, I got busy today and didn’t get mine done before I left work and I don’t have any other internet access. So I won’t post mine for today.

Wishing you all a happy new year.  I will be back on the 5th.


I am going to find some letters for the upcoming days.

1/1/09 is D

1/2/09 is B (appropriate since it is my B-Day and my name starts w/ B)

1/3/09 is O

1/4/09 is X